Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I had wanted to try hand printing for quite a while when I made the hand printed cards but hadn’t started yet because getting started seemed expensive! So when I finally sat down to do it I raked through my materials and cast offs to see what I could rig up for a fun at home print.

 I came up with some pieces of cardboard and the cover off of an old book to carve the print into. The cardboard failed me; but the book cover worked pretty well!

I drew out my design of repeating triangles and then carefully sliced along all the lines and removed the top layer of the book cover in between my triangles. When I had carved everything out sufficiently I covered it in a couple of layers of mod podge to protect the cardboard from paint and water.

When it was all dry I painted over the book cover turned printing plate in a thin layer with acrylics then carefully placed it on my surface and pressed down.  Success!

I love how these hand printed cards turned out. I’m really into the triangles and bright colors. 

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