Thursday, July 26, 2012

A few weeks ago my husband came home from work and showed off the mini origami cranes he had been making during his down time. When I say mini I mean mini. One was less than a centimeter across! The others were a slightly more reasonable size of under an inch and about an inch.

I was totally amazed at the fact that he had folded them so small! I loved origami growing up but his skills and attention to detail far surpassed mine.

As we were playing with them the thought came across that they would make great earrings. I’m not sure who said it first but it seemed like it would be fun

So we decided to make some earrings for me. I brought out some of my favorite papers from my stash to see what he could do with them and we picked up some earring hardware at the craft store.

We loved the result so much that we decided to keep going! We made the cranes together while watching Gilmore Girls and I mod podge-d them for stability and assembled the earrings. These earrings are so perfect. They’re delicate looking, graceful and a bit geeky. And they wear really easily. It was so fun to collaborate with my husband!

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